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Related article: Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 00:31:47 -0700 From: Ryan_the_Lion02 Subject: After Class Chat(My email address is Ryan_the_lion02 not just Ryan_the_lion.)Hey, guys, this is my fantasy, I'd love to live it with you, email me your fantasies and maybe, if u r in Denver, CO, we can hook up. After Class Chat I am at school, and the teacher wants me to stay after to talk, and when the bell rings, he asks me to come sit by him, he starts to explain the problems I am having as he rubs my back. he starts rubbing my ass too and he complains he's hot, so he loses his shirt and ask me to take mine off too, I am 6', 165lbs, slim, hot, brwn hair and hazel eys, 6 cut cock, smooth as the day I was born, except for my treasure trail and cock hair.i take off the shirt and he has me lean back, he keeps talking as he rubs my chest and moves his way down to my jeans, he rubs my leg and finally, with firm pressure, he rubs my cock thru my pants and I moan.he is tall 6'2 or so, 185, slim, all muscle, dark brown hair and green eyes, nice abs and bod , he unbottons my jeans and undoes the zipper as he keeps talking about the assignment. he is hairy, clean shaven, except today, he hasn't shaved yet and is just a little stubbly he pulls out my cock and leans over and starts kissing my body as he keeps explaining, he stands and rips off his jeans and jock, revealing his awsome cock, 8 and 1/2 inches and thick, Really massive, and dripping precum, puddling at his feet, he drops to my chest and rubs his face all over my cock then slowly, inch by inch, he swallows it Preteen Pedo all.I moan so loud that it rattles the windows. he pulls himself off and pulls me off the chair, onto his desk, he lays me down on it and climbs on, kissing me passionately while our cocks rub. he sits on my chest and i take his cock into my mouth, making him cry out, he groans, deep and throatally he moves forward a lil and I start rimming him good, he really loves this he can't stand it any longer and yells, Fuck me Ryan, now do me, so I flip him over in one move and I force him to suck me off for a second, then I pull off and kiss him, while I ram all 6 inches up his ass and he screams, in pleasure and pain. he moans as I slowly begin fucking him, sweetly at first, but then harder and harder until finally, after a good half hour and three different positions, with him on a desk, leanign over the chair and riding me like a pony, he can't take it and screams"I'm cumming", ithe cums buckets covering us both in his jizz, and it gets so tight in his ass that I cum up his ass, and we collapse together.
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